About the Artist Ansley Pye

Ansley Pye is a native of San Diego, but spent the first part of her adult life traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East.  After attending La Sorbonne, Ansley returned to San Diego. It was there where her life took a distinguishing turn. Ansley was diagnosed with MS at the age of 30. Upon the realization that her life was never to be the same, she began her journey as a professional artist.  She started out as a watercolorist and gradually was drawn towards working in oil.

Her subject has always related to the feminine shapes, and to the imperfections that are the true source of beauty and uniqueness in all things.

As Ansley continues her artistic journey she blends both the organic shapes in nature and the beauty of the feminine form with vibrant colors and bold strokes to create an image that captivates its viewer. The lines, splatter, and geometric forms in her work add an abstraction that creates interest. Ansley has always considered her art to be a continuing conversation with herself and the world around her.

In 2008 began a career in curating art for galleries as well as for individual   collections, gaining her training and experience through working with other well known curators and taking seminar workshops through the Independent Curators Association.  With her increased knowledge and experience through working in galleries and in the private sector, Ansley has widened her scope of view with regards to not only how work is best displayed, but within her own work that has become a cohesive body of work.

About the Artist Xiaoye Sun

Xiaoye Sun’s philosophy that underlines his emphasis with his work is that “in the field of art there is no right way to create, and that the process and results remain open-ended”

His works express not only his understanding of the world, love, and the human race, but also the desire of mankind to find their own inner peace.  Xiaoye’s outstanding artistic sensitivity and creativity originates from his unique view of the world, and his reflections about life.  He also draws much of his artistic inspiration and ideas from his studies of philosophy.

Xiaoye Sun, born in Beijing China in 1979, studied at the Saint-Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, sculpture and Architecture from 1998 to 2004.  He obtained a Master’s degree in Sculpture.

His work entitled “The Fallen Crane” was entered and won the competition to be the centerpiece of the lounge in the Saint-Petersburg Concert Hall.  It still remains there today.  In 2005 he created “Sailing” and “Golden Wings” as city sculptures for Shanghai in China.  In 2007 he opened his gallery in the Beijing 798 Art Zone and created an exhibition hall named “Sculpture Master”.  In 2009 and 2010 he was employed as an artist by the Jiangsu Wuxi Modern Art Research Institute.  His works have been on display at the Changshu  Museum and the Dachun Art Gallery in the Beijing 798 Art Zone.  Xiaoye has work in the Shanghai Doulun Museum of Modern Art, as well as The China Arts Museum in Shanghai.

At the end of 2007 Xiaoye opened his personal sculpture gallery in Beijing to record and commemorate the path he has taken in art, and to showcase his expressions of life through his sculpture.